Through my poetry and artwork I  explore the complexities of human life. I've learnt nothing. What I know is that I was born in London in the 1970's to relatively nobody parents and I have risen to become a relatively nobody too.


Well that's the nihilistic view. However I was lucky enough to be born with a Walter Mitty mindset that's prone to day dreaming and shooting beyond just what I see or am.

Actually I learnt one thing,what we create is all that we leave behind of any value. Who and how many people it will impact? Well who knows. This is what I love about art. The freedom to express and to impact a strangers life. Truly amazing.


Apart from my own art I also help promote other artists work via my art representation hat. If you're an artist and would like to connect with me to learn more, then please use the form below.

Write to me, tell me your thoughts about my art and poems

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