In this final image, which I've entitled Captured Heart, I see a heart forming. The heart represents a person stuck in a place that is so pefect but sadly it's a place from which one cannot escape.


Can you guess what the original image was? Maybe it was a puddle, a mirror, some flowers, the dog, some clothes or maybe a combination of all or some, what do you think?


You can view the original photgraph of this image on our before and after page by clicking here


Note: My art is made by taking a photograph and then distorting it until it gives me an image that is abstract, meaningful and total unrecognisable from the original photograph. The final image is trying to captures a hidden emotion. 


To expand further that thought, we all wear masks. We are traumatised by our own uniqueness. We create a false self that fits into its environment (ie the original image is the false self). If we dig at our mask we uncover the real distorted images that lay beneath. The beautiful true hidden self (ie the final image). So my digtal paintings represent the true self.



Captured Heart

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  • It is available in multiple sizes and comes framed. I'm limiting the total number of prints to 95.

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